Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My precious books

Most, if not all of these books are available in our local libraries. I own them so that I could have them with me all the time not having to bother with return dates and fines. These books are not cheap but they are affordable to me and I always wait for discounts of 20% at the stores so that the purchases are more worth the money paid.

These books are on Chinese Calligraphy and painting.
These are exhibition catalogues or magazines on Calligraphy and painting,two of them were given to me free of charge.
These are books on the history of China and Chinese Art.
Three of these are books on Cantonese Opera bought at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the one on the top right is a Hong Kong magazine that I bought at Bras Basah.
These are books on Chinese Art except the one on the top left which is a book on nature written by a Singaporean teacher and it is in Chinese.
If I have another life to lead, I would want to be given the luxury to finish reading these books.

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