Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Efforts

I am ashamed to say that as one who is learning Chinese Calligraphy I do not set aside time for practising week after week. Except for rare occasions, I actually do my homework in class and after a while, my teacher accepted me as a slow (or lazy) learner and got used to this student who never did homework before class. Well, I am an adult learner and I did not sign up for courses to pass exams or to go for competitions. I take this attitude that I am here to enjoy what I do and when the teacher lets me enjoy my learning without bothering me with homework and exams, I make better progress than one who sees learning as a chore. The writing below have been singled out by the teacher as being good efforts.

My teacher was particularly "impressed" by the third column and characters with circle marks were singled out as good work. However, my writing of the character "shi" in the first column was below standard and he made me write more of it.
The improved writing.

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