Friday, November 14, 2008

我的心中每天开出一朵花 - Jimmy Liao

Ever since I bought the Besta electronic dictionary with its numerous learning tools, I have relied solely on it to learn Chinese. With less dependency on a pc, learning is speedier and a lot more flexible.
It takes place anywhere and anytime when I feel like devoting time to learning. I pick and choose my learning material be it a song lyric, a Jimmy Liao story or just random stuff I happened to pick up here and there like museum brochures, restaurant menus.
I copy the text onto a notebook and then proceed to make use of the electronic dictionary to look up the meaning of the characters, listen to how they are pronounced, search for phrases or sentences that contain the characters I am interested in, learn how to execute the strokes of the characters in the correct sequence and lots more.

我的努力 (My hard work)

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