Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love in the Cards by Jimmy Liao

“我只能给你一张小卡片” or Love in the Cards by Jimmy Liao. I am now starting on a new book by Jimmy Liao that I thought would be more manageable than the "Turn Left, Turn Right" book I had completed reading. The illustrations were deceptively child-like and what I did below represents about 6 hours of work spread over two days.

First I copied the text of the first postcard in the book by hand. Then I used the electronic dictionary to find the simplified characters and noting down the meaning as well.

Secondly, I copied the text onto another notebook using simplified Chinese in pencil.

Thirdly, I wrote over the characters using an ink pen and took my time to put in the hanyu pinyin for the difficult words as well as writing down the meanings of those words.

Lastly, I extracted words that had to do with feelings and actions and copied them onto a fresh page.

Next, I would like to use this list of words to write my own composition. But that will be a week from now! How I wish I have the luxury of studying the language as a full-time student.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am back





我知道我一定要坚持到底。所以我没有放弃走这条学华语的辛苦路。过后再看一看那些字,不管怕还是不怕,我不能浪费那段抄字的时间。怎样去做呢?想了一天终于找到答案。看了这本爱情小说,我觉得我可以把那些字分成几种。许多字在小说里是对天气有关系的。天气的高低,阴阳,黑暗,光亮,雨和雪,风和闷热气温是代表情人的心情和深厚的情怀。好,写了整个下午, 我疲倦了。让我用照片来完整今天的写华语练习把!