Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Writing Chinese - new words

In my previous post, I made an attempt to express my thoughts in Chinese. It was difficult to say the least. But through that struggle, I learned how words that I know how to use were written. This is important to me - learning new words.

It is necessary in my learning of Chinese that I am able to recognise words or characters when I see them elsewhere other than where I had first encountered them. Even if I will always have trouble remembering how they sound or what they mean, I will have to keep looking at them over and over again.

I also realise that I should also be using the words that I pick up here and there in the songs I learned, the brochures I read or the signboards in the food centres. I feel that writing is an effective way to learn a language.

Other than being exposed to more words and their meanings, I can also learn to structure sentences correctly but not on my own. For this I will have to turn to my tutor for help. I will ask her to read my Chinese post and to go over the sentences to make them better. Here's the list of words that I have compiled for my reference over and over again just so that I can recognise them if I were to come across these characters in other types of text.

虽然 sui1 ran1 although

无能 wu2 neng2 not capable

方法 fang1 fa3 method

因为 yin1 wei4 because

电闹 dian4 nao3 computer

可以 ke2 yi3 able to

帮助 bang1 zhu4 help, asist

在网 zai1 wang3 on the internet

华语 hua2 yu3 Chinese

资料 zi1 liao4 resources, information

曾经 ceng2 jing1 previously

圆满 yuan2 man3 satisfactory

水平 shui3 ping2 standard

假如 jia3 ru2 If

忘掉 wang4 diao4 forgotten

记住 zhi4 zhu4 remember

其时 qi2 shi2 actually

辛苦 xin1 ku3 suffering

件事 jian4 shi1 matter

工具 gong1 ju4 tools

特别 te1 bie2 special, especially

字典 zi1dian4 dictionary

选 xuan3 choose

时候 shi2 hou4 time

可以 ke2 yi3 able to

意思 yi4 si4 meaning

找 zhao3 find

汉语 han4yu3 Chinese

拼音 pin1yin1 phonetics

最 zui4 most

旁边 pang2 bian1 side

幸运 xin4 yun4 fortunate

这样 zhe1yang4 like this

鼓励 gu3 li1 encouragement

支持 zhi1chi2 support

感到 gan3 dao1 feel

希望 xi1 wang4 hope

可能 ke3 neng2 possible

成功 cheng2 gong1 succeed

虽然 sui1ran2 although

时间 shi2 jian1, time

值得 zhi2 de1 worth it

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